Desk Lamp Wireless Charging




Eocean Multifunctional Desk Lamp: Power Up Your Productivity and Comfort

Transform your workspace with the Desk Lamp Wireless Charging, a lighting solution that goes beyond illumination! This innovative lamp combines functionality, convenience, and style to create the perfect environment for work, study, or relaxation.

Charge While You Work: No more scrambling for chargers. The Eocean lamp boasts a built-in wireless charging pad and a USB charging port, allowing you to power two devices simultaneously. Keep your phone, tablet, or other gadgets charged and ready while you focus on the task at hand. (Note: Adapter not included. Remove phone case for wireless charging.)

Unparalleled Lighting Control: Experience the perfect light for any situation with the Eocean lamp’s 25 lighting options. Choose from 5 color modes, ranging from bright daylight to warm yellow light, and adjust the brightness to 5 different levels. Effortless touch controls allow you to seamlessly switch between modes and adjust brightness with the tap of a finger.

Ultimate Adjustability: Find your ideal lighting angle with the Eocean lamp’s versatile design. The lamp features a rotating head, a foldable arm, and a rotating base axis, providing you with complete control over light direction. Need to take your light on the go? The foldable design makes for easy portability.

Eye Care and Energy Efficiency: The Eocean lamp prioritizes your well-being. High-quality LED beads emit soft, flicker-free light that protects your eyes from fatigue and dryness during extended periods of use. Energy-saving technology reduces power consumption, keeping your workspace bright while saving money on your electricity bill.

Smart Features for Added Convenience: The Eocean lamp remembers your last used brightness and mode setting for a seamless user experience. Additionally, a built-in auto-off timer with 30 and 60-minute options provides peace of mind and allows you to drift off to sleep without worrying about turning off the light.

Invest in the Desk Lamp Wireless Charging and elevate your workspace with a combination of convenience, functionality, and style


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