Russell Hobbs Solo Microwave




Russell Hobbs RHM1714B 17 Litre 700 W Black Digital Solo Microwave

Optimize Your Kitchen Experience with Russell Hobbs RHM1714B Microwave Introducing the Russell Hobbs RHM1714B, a 17-litre, 700W black digital solo microwave designed to make your cooking and reheating tasks easier and more efficient. With its sleek black housing and silver mirror finish door, this microwave is not only practical but also a stylish addition to any kitchen decor.

Powerful Performance and Versatility

The RHM1714B delivers a powerful 700W output, ensuring your food is cooked or reheated quickly and evenly. The microwave features 5 power levels, giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect setting for a variety of dishes. Whether you’re defrosting, reheating, or cooking from scratch, this microwave has got you covered.

User-Friendly Design

Operating the RHM1714B is a breeze thanks to its intuitive button and dial system. The digital clock and timer display provide clear visibility, allowing you to keep track of cooking times easily. Additionally, the microwave includes 8 auto cook menus, simplifying the process of preparing your favorite meals.

  • Automatic Defrost
    Easily defrost your food with the microwave’s weight defrost settings, ensuring your ingredients are thawed evenly.:
  • Easy Clean
    The microwave’s interior is designed for hassle-free cleaning. The wipeable painted surface and removable glass turntable, which is dishwasher safe, make maintenance a snap.

Stylish and Practical

The RHM1714B’s sleek black design and silver mirror finish door make it a stylish choice for any modern kitchen. Its compact 17-litre capacity is perfect for small to medium-sized households, offering ample space for your cooking needs without taking up too much counter space. Upgrade your kitchen with the Russell Hobbs RHM1714B 17 Litre 700W Black Digital Solo Microwave and enjoy the perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience.



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