Russell Hobbs Elite Steam Iron




Russell Hobbs Diamond Elite Steam Iron – A Perfect Blend of Power and Precision

The Russell Hobbs Diamond Elite Steam Iron is designed to deliver outstanding ironing performance with ease and efficiency. With a powerful 3100W motor and advanced features, this steam iron ensures your clothes are impeccably smooth and wrinkle-free.

Black Diamond Ceramic Soleplate

Experience unparalleled smoothness with the Black Diamond Ceramic Soleplate. Its innovative design allows the iron to glide effortlessly over fabrics, reducing friction and preventing fabric snags. The ceramic coating ensures even heat distribution, providing a flawless finish on every garment.

220g Steam Shot & 50g Continuous Steam

Achieve professional results with the 220g Steam Shot and 50g Continuous Steam functions. The powerful steam shot penetrates deep into fabrics, tackling stubborn wrinkles with ease. The continuous steam feature maintains a steady flow, making it perfect for ironing large loads efficiently.

Large 350ml Water Tank

The generous 350ml Water Tank minimizes the need for frequent refills, allowing you to iron more clothes in one go. The transparent tank lets you monitor the water level easily, ensuring you’re always prepared.

Anti-Calc & Anti-Drip Functions

Say goodbye to limescale build-up and water stains with the Anti-Calc and Anti-Drip functions. These features prolong the life of your iron and keep your clothes spotless, maintaining optimal performance over time.

Vertical Steam & 3m Cord

The Vertical Steam capability allows you to steam hanging garments and curtains effortlessly. The extra-long 3m Cord offers enhanced flexibility, giving you freedom to move and reach difficult areas without restriction.

Textured Over Mould for Comfort and Grip

Designed with user comfort in mind, the iron features a Textured Over Mould for a secure grip. This ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue, allowing for prolonged use without discomfort.

The Russell Hobbs Diamond Elite Steam Iron combines innovative technology and user-friendly features to make ironing a breeze. Whether you’re tackling a full load of laundry or just a few items, this steam iron ensures impeccable results every time.


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