2pcs Car Window Shade




2pcs Car Window Shade for Maximum Protection and Privacy

Discover the ultimate solution for protecting your car’s interior and ensuring privacy with our 2pcs Car Window Shade. Designed for the Pakistan market, these sunshades provide superior UV protection, privacy, and convenience.

Premium Material for Enhanced Durability 2pcs Car Window Shade

Crafted from high-elastic gauze, our car window sunshades are thicker and more wear-resistant than standard shades. The double mesh material ensures a better shading effect, higher privacy, and added convenience during your drives.

Anti-UV Protection for Your Family

With 100% coverage of the rear side window, our car window shade blocks UV rays effectively, providing maximum protection for you and your family. Say goodbye to sun glare and uncomfortable heat in the back seats, ensuring a cool and comfortable ride every time.

Great Free Airflow for Comfortable Drives

Our window shade allows for free airflow while blocking the sun’s heat and glare. The breathable mesh design lets you enjoy cool and fresh air inside your car without any disturbances from external elements.

Perfect Privacy Protection for Various Situations

Create a safer and more private space in your car with these shades. They make it difficult for outsiders to see inside, ideal for situations like work, sleep, long journeys, baby feeding, or when parked. Keep your valuables safe and out of sight from potential threats.

Easy Installation and Convenient Storage

Installing our car window shades is a breeze, thanks to the highly stretchy nylon mesh that is tear-resistant. You can quickly pull them open and install them in seconds. When not in use, they are lightweight, foldable, and easy to store in a pouch or your car for quick access whenever needed


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